Dzuwa Liwale Arts Festival

Dzuwa Liwale Arts Festival will bring together arts groups and individuals who will offer poetry, drama, music and dances.

It is a unique and different from other festivals.

“The other performances that we have been having have only had us performing but we want to involve other groups. We are still in the planning stage and our budget is K2 million,” Kaphinde said.

He said this would be the first arts festival of its kind in Lilongwe targeting theatre.

“The other festivals we have had have been targeting schools but we are looking at the bigger picture by targeting theatre groups,” Kaphinde said.

With other festivals dying a natural death, Kaphinde insisted that the festival was here to stay.

“At Dzuwa Arts, we have a history of organising events and we never fail. We have maintained this trend all these years. It is only that this time, we are organising an event which is bigger,” he said.

Kaphinde said they are driven by the vision of taking Malawian arts to the mainstream of international standards.

“This vision is what will always give us the strength to continue with the festival on yearly basis until the vision has been achieved. Again, the positive response from companies is giving us strength,” the actor and playwright, said.

Its grand festival will take place on 30th April 2022 at Kamuzu Institute Hall.

We have lined up a number of activities for your fun, relaxationa dn also enjoyment.

Dont miss this wonderful festival.