About Us

Our Background

National Theatre Association of Malawi is a community based non-profit making organization that creates sustainable development projects focusing on and around societies most vulnerable through theatrical activities.

The National Theatre Association of Malawi was established in 1988 as Drama Association of Malawi (DAM). In a couple of the succeeding years, it changed its name to National Theatre Association of Malawi (NTAM) to reflect other elements that go with contemporary theatrical platform such as dances and singing. The Association has since then remained a coordinating body for theatrical arts in the country. NTAM was formed to promote, protect and mediate issues involving theatre arts in Malawi.

Board of Trustees

Our association is comprised of Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Regional Committees, District committees, the General Membership and Nation Secretariat Offices. Performing artists including actors, musicians, dancers, and singers, creatively express artistic sentiments through their performances and they sometimes work in collaboration, but here in our country, artists have been working in isolation following little noted misconception about drama and theatre in a historic perspective. These artists perform before live audiences or in recorded performances and performers. Performances require coordination with directors, choreographers, costume designers, makeup artists, and others. And NTAM has an obligation to see to it that artists are trained in their arts categories so as to be able to portray their pieces as might be demanded at the same time engaging the audience; e.g. Theatre for development/Theatre for Change.