Malawi gaming board bailed out artists

About 78 drama groups country wide have benefited from the Gaming Board covid relief find for artist.

Drama Groups had to go away with MK85 000 as a take home.

The beneficiaries had come from four Rights Holder Associations namely Poets, Music, Folklore Dance  and National Theatre Associations of Malawi.

Earlier, a week ago MGB had to conduct a raffle draw where luck groups and individual artists went away with cash of MK200 000 and MK100 000 respectively.

What MGB has done is no mean achievement to the artists.

Artists shall finally produce a three minutes video to talk about Covid prevention and the intervations that MGB has assisted in fighting the deadly epidemic.. Yesterday ,artists went home from BICC Amphitheater with Happy faces… Sir Ian Evance Chisekula and Joyce Kathewera performed a comedy to the fellow artists who were present during the event.

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